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Moon's House Fitness & Performance Training


Individualized training to get you measurably stronger than you ever imagined

A personal training gym dedicated to


Barbell strength training is the most effective tool you can use to improve your physical quality of life.  No matter who you are, the barbell will get you stronger.  Athletes looking for a greater edge and grandparents looking to fend off the aging process benefit alike.  This stuff works.

What we do

How you do it

You squat, deadlift, bench press, and press overhead with a barbell.  In some cases, you may power clean and power snatch.  

Training the basic barbell lifts is the very best way to promote strength and reduce the risk of injury, period.

You will get very good at performing the basic barbell lifts and progress them efficiently, safely, in a way that gets you stronger for years. 

How we do it
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