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Real coaching

Moon's House operates as a personal training gym, meaning every single rep you do- whether in a private or group setting- is coached.  You will be instructed thoroughly before doing the exercises, and cued effectively while doing them.  Coaching and experience is what you pay for.

Starting Strength Coach Chris Olson

Chris Olson, SSC

Chris "Moon" Olson is a certified Starting Strength Coach since 2022. 


The Starting Strength method completely changed his life and career when in 2017 he finally learned how to squat and deadlift without hurting his knees or low back.  


A personal trainer since 2016, Chris began utilizing the Starting Strength method with all of his clients as soon as he realized that it works for virtually everyone.


Chris's ultimate aim has always been to help people in the best way possible.  Proper, effective strength training is the best means he has discovered to do this yet.

It is a particular passion of Chris's to see barbell training give independence back to the aging population.


At Moon's House, you'll train for strength.  Strength is the only aspect of physical conditioning that improves everything else along with it, and is the most valuable physical asset we can retain for aging.  You'll train consistently, because that is the only way to get stronger.  You will get stronger, no matter your age.  That is a guarantee.

The starting strength method

The Starting Strength method of barbell strength training has decades of success.  While helping you perform the lifts with the best and safest technique possible, we very carefully and effectively apply the  biological principle of Stress, Recovery, Adaptation to make the most efficient and safest progress possible.  Earning a Starting Strength Coaching certificate is among the most- if not the most- challenging and demanding accomplishments in the fitness industry.


Moon's House Strength follows the same rigors as those upheld in the Starting Strength method.  We figure out where you are, meet you where that is, and go from there.  We teach you how to lift safely and efficiently.  We progress in a predictable, effective manner.


The method works for men and women, young and old, superb athletes and desk jockeys, those with creaky knees and those with achey backs.  Everyone gets stronger.  If you have a particular concern, we are happy to discuss it and let you know if we cannot accommodate.


Improving strength has the unique ability to improve more of your other physical fitness qualities along with it than an improvement in anything else.  Endurance training, speed training, flexibility training, power training- none of these can justify the same claim.  


Strength is the ability to produce force against an external resistance.  Getting yourself up from a chair, out-muscling an opponent, and catching yourself after a trip all have one thing in common: you must produce enough force to overcome the obstacle.  You can best develop that ability to produce force- that strength- with barbells.

Starting Strength


An hour goes by too quickly... I only wish I had met Chris Olson sooner.  As a parent, I always want my children to associate with people who have a positive influence on them.  Chris is exactly that person!... Every youth needs to be part of Chris's village.

Phil C.

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